Active Volcanoes - Milazzo Vulcano Panarea Stromboli Milazzo

Departure from: Milazzo

Period: from July to September

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Active Volcanoes - Vulcano Panarea Stromboli
Line: Milazzo Vulcano Panarea Stromboli Milazzo
Departure from: Milazzo


Boarding at the port of Milazzo at 08:45 am - Departure at 09:30 am.

Just left the port of Milazzo we will head towards the island of Vulcano with arrival and landing at the port of Levante.

Vulcano is the second active volcano of the archipelago and, despite having manifested the last eruptive activity in 1888, still today welcomes its visitors with the characteristic smell of sulfur, determined by the constant sulphurous exhalations. In fact, just near the port, there is a thermal area with a pool of hot mud whose beneficial effects on the bones and on the skin encourage visitors to immerse themselves and spread the mud that is collected by bare hands on the skin. Close by are the hot water beaches with sulphurous gas fumes and the famous black beaches which are made of a very fine black volcanic sand and typical of this island.

We also recommend climbing to the "Gran Cratere della Fossa" and admiring the breathtaking 360 ° landscape and the visit of Vulcanello and the west coast where you can show the "Grotta del Cavallo", the "Piscina di Venere", the mountain shaped "head of a lion" and further south the picturesque Lighthouse of Gelso.

At 01:00 pm c.a. a direct connection allows you to reach the island of Panarea, the smallest and most "fascinating" of the Aeolian Islands, with arrival and landing at the port of San Pietro.

Panarea is truly unique for its charm and beauty. From the harbor you have direct access to the picturesque village of St. Peter with typical white houses arranged side by side, set in a colorful nature.

From here, among the many meeting places, restaurants, shops and boutiques scattered through the streets that cross it, you can reach the main points of attraction (on foot or with local taxi): the Church of San Pietro - with its valuable mosaic and the terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful view, Drauto, the Cala degli Zimmari - with its particular sandy beach. Continuing, there is a path of steps leading to the promontory of Capo Milazzese and the picturesque Baia Junco Bay, an incomparable cove of breathtaking colors and crystal clear sea that houses a small pebble beach. At the top there is a prehistoric village dating back to the Bronze Age (1400 BC) with the remains of 22 oval-shaped stone huts and a quadrangular shaped one, perhaps a place of community meeting and worship.

** At 04:00 pm c.a. there is a direct connection that will allow you to reach the island of Stromboli.

This section of navigation crosses the ancient volcanic conduit of Panarea, with the consequent vision of the volcanic remains that have emerged and scattered in front of the island between Lipari and Stromboli, islets and rocks that have formed a mini-archipelago: FormicheDattiloPanarelliLisca NeraBottaroLisca BiancaBasiluzzo et Punta Spinazzola.

Stromboli, "Iddu" the black giant that emerges in all its grandeur over the deep blue sea.

By thousands of years it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with its "Strombolian shots" - explosions of lapilli, ash and magma visible at regular intervals of 15-20 minutes - it is like a lighthouse for sailors.

From the port of San Vincenzo "Scari", immediately attacked, alternate long black beaches of pebbles and sand. From here, a road crosses the village up to reach the Church of San Vincenzo with its panoramic square in front of which you can see Strombolicchio, also called "grandfather of Stromboli", a part of solidified internal lava of the oldest volcanic cone of all the Aeolian Islands, above which the island's lighthouse was installed.

Continuing along the same road, you can reach the "Ingrid's House", now a house-museum, where it was filmed "Stromboli Terra di Dio" by Roberto Rossellini with Ingrid Bergman, famous film.

At dusk, while in all other islands you spend the evening in a conventional way, with an aperitif, dinner or two jumps at the disco, in Stromboli you can embark and, passing under the Sciara del Fuoco, you can watch from the sea at the sight of incandescent lapilli. When there are effusive eruptions, as it did in 2014, the river of lava slides on the slope and ends in the sea, releasing large columns of steam.

**Arrival in Milazzo expected at 10,45 pm.




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Vulcani Attivi - Vulcano Panarea Stromboli da Milazzo

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